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(War-unwilling; 02-03; p.3)

Policy aims

It has to be mentioned explicitly that no German politician so far has favoured an overthrow in Iraq that would be brought about by armed forces. Government and opposition are obviously convinced that controllable liberation from weapons of mass destruction is the superior goal of current foreign policy concerning Iraq.
That is in contrast e.g. to the current president of the USA and some of his secretaries, his security advisor and his supporters.

In unison with academics like e.g. Robert Kagan or Ronald D. Asmus, the Bush-administration talks of "region engineering" since last autumn (see R. Kagan: "Power and weakness" or R. D. Asmus: "Die Herausforderung" in: Frankfurter Rundschau, D2 edition, no. 43 of 20/02/03, p. 9).
That such action has been a means of various governments of the USA do not only Central Americans know, but, since the end of the Cold War, Europeans as well.
Of remarkable openness in this respect is Asmus' formulation in the aforementioned newspaper article: 'As advisor to Madeleine Albright, I supported the use of force during the Kosovo-war to stop "ethnic cleansing" at last. And, to be honest, we also wanted to bring about a regime-change in Belgrade.' (Asmus, R, ibid.; translation and emphasis by the editor) (read on here)

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