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(Procurement; 05-03; p.2)

The guidelines now in force represent the sum of discussions within the last decade about re-structuring the Bundeswehr. They should go beyond party politics and so stay in force for more than one election period.

Their first and ostensibly most important statement is the following: "At present, and in the foreseeable future, there is no conventional threat to the German territory." (Bundesministerium der Verteidigung [German Ministry of Defence]: Defence Policy Guidelines, Berlin 21/05/03)
- This on first sight not astonishing insight has various consequences: for the justification to keep armed forces, for their nature, structure and size and for their equipment.


What is defence?

In Germany's constitution, the Basic Law, one finds the sole reason that allows to keep armed forces. Art 87a, par 1, s 1 states simply: "The federation preserves armed forces for defence." (unofficial translation, original in German) - But if, as the DPG indicate, a conventional threat in the foreseeable future doesn't exist, what does "defence" mean?

An answer to that is presented in the 37th, 72nd and 79th paragraph of the DPG. In the given order one finds: "Nevertheless, the political will and ability to enforce or restore freedom and human rights, stability and security with military means, if necessary, are a sine qua non of a credible comprehensive approach to security policy. [...] In order for Germany to safeguard its interests and international influence and to play an active role in peacekeeping, it provides forces of adequate strength ... . This includes the support of allies, on the periphery of allied territory or in a geographically even wider context. Support of allies comprises the preservation of their territorial integrity, to include their territorial waters and airspace, as well as their political sovereignty and freedom of action. It also includes support in the fight against terrorism and the protection of their populations and vital infrastructure."
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