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(EU-policy; 06-03; p.2)

So, another deployment of soldiers abroad has been decided and - as well as the efforts of creating a constitution - a new European agrarian policy has been agreed on.

A safe haven

Since the world community focuses on African conflicts again, one of these "new wars" (Herfried Münkler) has not just become condemned by the United Nations. The Security Council moreover has decided with Resolution 1484 of 30/05/03 to strengthen its observer posts in Congo by a bigger contingent of soldiers.

The German parliament on 18 June eventually voted for fulfilling the Council's request with up to 350 soldiers within the framework of the European Union's mission to safeguard the town of Bunia including its airport (The mission is documented in the parliament's papers "Bundestagsdrucksache 15/1168" and "Bundestagsdrucksache 15/1177", the decision in the parliament's minutes of 18/06/03).
The German contribution however is limited - as long as the situation does not escalate - to much less personnel-intensive air transport including evacuation for medical reasons. Personnel involved is stationed in neighbouring Uganda, thus outside the zones of conflict.

Studying the relevant documents makes clear that the mission in no way is intended to pacify the whole of Congo - the single goal is to provide a safe haven for refugees and people still living in the Bunia region. If this develops into a crystallising point for further zones of peace or the militias there simply include the EU-activities in their planning, remains to be seen. (read on here)

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