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(EU-policies; 06-03; p.3)

A better agriculture?

Least of the Germans care about agro-politics; this is why negotiations on the EU-level are perceived as arcane meetings of lobbyists. Still, the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, notorious for subsidising the agro-industry, perhaps has changed fundamentally under the tenure of commissioner Franz Fischler.

The already limited resources of the community - still accounting for about a half of its budget - this way shall no longer be distributed according to production figures alone: instead, direct payments for farmers are envisaged which in turn are linked to standards of production and animal welfare. Besides, member states may redirect resources for the improvement of countryside regions.

The effects of the changes, agreed on on 26 June, but completely put into force not before 2007, for the agricultural sector and consequently for the then expanded EU remain to be seen.

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