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In this respect, EU-troops finished their mission in Congo, the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) conference of ministers did not conclude any final agreement and the general assembly of the United Nations did not reach any further agreements on Iraq.



On 1 September the mandate for EU-troops to secure peace in the Congolese town of Bunia and its airport ended. Among others, 350 German soldiers took part in the mission that started in June, although their task was limited to providing transport capabilities, including rescue flights to Europe.
As has been understood, the total of 1500 soldiers at least suppressed further murdering and plundering in the region. - One may see that as a successful beginning that now is to be steadied by a bigger contingent of UN-troops. Therefore, in direct succession up to 4800 soldiers shall be brought in to secure peace in a somewhat larger area. German soldiers however, will not be part of it - they shall fulfil other tasks as has been pointed out by chancellor Schröder in New York.



In Mexican Cancun the WTO's conference of ministers took place from 10 - 14 September. The aim of these conferences is to reach agreements among member states concerning international trade. This time, especially export subsidies, market barriers, intellectual property rights and trade in services were the main points of debates. (read on here)

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