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(Reforms; 04-03; p.2)

The chronicle of German home affairs in April does not bring to light something substantially new: it is still about reforming the systems of social security.

The arguments are widely known, even if not everyone involved names them as clearly as desirable. So, some politicians who are interested in maximising votes avoid singling out the winners and losers of the reforms, they suggest. Lobbyists, in turn, are not keen to name the advantages for their respective pressure group but claim "factual constraints" (which are usually construed).


Shifts in the political process

Not regarding the contents of debates, one may detect remarkable behaviours of the ones involved. This goes for the government as well as for the opposition and the scientists chosen.

MPs of the major ruling party, the Social-Democrats (SPD), succeeded in initiating a debate in which the topics for bargaining were not - as usual - already streamlined by upper party officials.
It is, however, an idiosyncrasy of German political culture to rather dislike this democratically legitimising and therefore a process that one should demand: in Germany, disputes are rather unpopular.

That is, why accusations of the Christian-Democratic opposition that the chancellor lacked leading strength are too obvious. Beside the known effort to profit from ostensible deficiencies of the political competitor, some other factors may lead to such behaviour.
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