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(Reforms; 04-03; p.4)

The fundamentals of decisions

It is a characteristic of German discussions that sometimes the distributional effects of the measures suggested are mentioned, whereas the underlying social structure is not.
- One may see this as another indication of German dispute-aversion that has been furthered also by economic developments in the FRG: until the 1980s there were nothing but profits to distribute without evening out social imbalance.

The sociologist Rainer Geißler characterises these basic facts: "Net real income of employees which excludes the effects of inflation, taxes and social insurance rose between 1950 and 1979 by the factor 3,2 ... . Since 1980 there were slight increases only in three years - 1987, 1988 and 1990 -, in total about 6 %. Real disposable income per capita of Western Germans reached its historic high in 1991 and amounted ... to 12844 € [Euro] ... . Between 1991 and 1994 it sank about 8 % and rose until 1998 only slightly. In this backward trend especially the burden of German unification finds its expression." (Geißler, R: Die Sozialstruktur Deutschlands. 3rd fundamentally rev. ed. Bonn and Wiesbaden 2002, p. 83; translation, original in German.)

In the GDR, incomes developed historically conditioned differently; all the same, meanwhile one can state a widespread trend towards equalisation even if there is still some lagging behind: Geißler rates this difference at 25 % on average (as shown below in fig. 4.7 of ibid., p. 95). (read on here)

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