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(Riens; 05-03; p.3)

Riens du tout - the main film

Independent from the May-elections, a debate started in the context of discussions about changes in the German social and pensions insurance.
One proposal is to demand a longer work-life of employees, before they are entitled to be paid pensions indefinitely (obviously, money already paid in may still be withdrawn at any time).
Politicians of almost every couleur cannot but promote an elderly integrating climate in the business-world. - Which in itself is not a questionable initiative, but not at all an adequate means to solve the problem of unemployment and, since it is linked to employment, the problem of financing social and pensions insurance.

L'étage des fat cats

Entrepreneurs and capital-obliged managers arguably do not care much about the age of their employees. Relevant are the volume of distributable work and individual productivity. For rationalisers who want to manage the factor work the same way, they manage the factor capital, it surely becomes a criterion, how easily an employee of a certain age can be made redundant.

So, as long as elder employees are as productive as their younger colleagues, they don't have any disadvantage.
That depending on the industry and respective workload younger employees can have an advantage, should not be missed out either. If, e.g. salaries rise with age and individual cost-benefit analysis is committed, a so better paid, because elder employee has to be relatively more productive, i.e. more profitable.
In favour of elder employees in this respect could be their capitalisable experience, e.g. contacts with an established lot of customers, the ability to recognise a certain issue very fast and react properly, etc. (read on here)

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