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(Election promises; 06-03; p.2)

Once more the topic "reforming the social state" has been discussed within its different policy fields; decisions will probably come up in the months to come.

Not unmentioned shall become however that the German trade union IG Metall - one of the biggest, comprising employees of car-manufacturers, machine-builders, etc. - has called off a month-long strike in Eastern Germany.
The demand of less working hours - which is practised in Western Germany as a matter of course - could not be forced through. Eastern German managers and entrepreneurs now have to find solutions with their respective employees on a firm-internal basis.
- Usually, work conditions in Germany are negotiated between trade unions and entrepreneurs' organisations; employees, not organised do profit as well from such negotiated contracts, because of an anti-discrimination ruling that prohibits differentiating between organised and non-organised ones.

It is a bit early for an annual balance, but recently it became difficult to distinguish programmes and demands of political parties from each other. Readers who understand German may have a look at the "Wahlomat".
This machine has been offered for the federal elections in 2002 by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (translated: German Federal Centre for Political Education, a federation-funded non-profit organisation for the enhancement of political knowledge) and works like this: statements about a variety of topics are given on which one may decide; in a second step, the compilation of one's own answers is compared to the then statements of the parties and the share of similarity is presented; finally, the answers can be compared to the ones of parties, separately. - Interested citizens even might like to compare the then statements of parties to the current ones.

(The Wahlomat is not offered at the moment by its authors; you may therefore download the programme here as self-extracting .exe-file. - While the programme is not dangerous at all, the legal notice must be given that downloading and working with the programme is at your own risk.)

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