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(Pensions; 10-03; p.3)

In detail that means, from 2011 on to 2035 the entitlement for payments will be cut by one month a year; hence a pensioner in 2010 gets payments when he is sixty-five, in 2035 not before sixty-seven.

Besides, it has been suggested that at most three years before the then legal standard age payments should be possible.
For every month of payments in advance, there should be a reduction of 0,3 percentage points on the respective payment. A pensioner, leaving work at sixty-two in 2010, thus had a reduction of 10,8 per cent, as somebody in 2035, who however could not retire before sixty-four.

Apart from times of mandatory contributions to the pensions fund, now times of raising children and caring for elderly or disabled family members should be counted in for payments before the pensionable age.
If one comes in total to 45 years of work and work-similar times, pensions could be paid five years in advance. However, the reductions mentioned above would be applied, leaving one with a reduction of 18 per cent, if one wants to retire five years in advance.

The first three regulations are rather a kind of fine-tuning, depending on developments of the framework conditions, quantitative changes are conceivable.
The fourth item, however, contains a qualitative moment, which has not been proposed in this form yet. There were factors counting in demography and sustainability for pensions’ payments, even so there was no "pensioners’ quota". Applying this factor does not ask for the development of the population inclusively migration movements, but leaves the economically relevant core.

The rise of payments is so connected to the share of employees to pensioners: if the figure of employees rises and the figure of pensioners remains constant – if therefore more people pay in –, the payments rise as well; if the ratio changes to the disadvantage of employees – for whatever reason –, the rise can become naught.
It should be mentioned in this respect that this pensioner’s quota is but a single factor in the equation, if and to what extent e.g. an adjustment to inflation will be given, remains independent of that. (read on here)

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