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(EU-newbies; 06-03; p.3)

Trade relations

Apart from information about the sources and extent of economic power, it is useful to shed some light on the trade relations of the countries. The following picture emerges:

export share of GDP*
export goods
import goods
trade partners export-import
88 %
semi manufactured
USA 20, D 14
- I 20, F 15
60 %
manufactured, machinery
manufactured, machinery
D 26, I 12
- D 20, I 18
Czech Republic
71 %
machinery, manufactured
machinery, manufactured
D 35 - D 33
* according to EU-data mentioned above, ** Malta's main "export" good is tourism
trade partners: share in percent, only trade relations were counted that make up at least 10% for the respective country; D = Germany,
I = Italy, F = France
Source: CIA World Fact Book 2002


Suggestions for interpretation

Comparing the data leads to the following facts concerning the three newbies:

• their population in sum does not exceed e.g. the number of London's inhabitants;
• their economic structure is similar to the EU's, the main sector is services;
• trade relations with the EU are already strong, from an EU's perspective Germany profits most of it already.


The so drawn image cannot be but a sketchy approximation to the reality of life in the acceding countries. - The reader thus is invited to draw one him- or herself.

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