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(Angie; 01-06; p.2)

Potemkin and the German Kathrinka

Following a private invitation by A. Merkel, Mr Bush visits her constituency "Town of Stralsund – District North Western-Pomerania – District Rugen". Although not mandatory, chancellor Merkel holds a directly elected seat in the German parliament, the Bundestag: she has been elected by a 41 % majority of voters which equals 29 % of the constituency's electorate.

That a US-politician does not only know by eyesight big cities in the former American occupied zone, but also a more rural region of former GDR, is not to denounce. That he will get a real picture, is probably impossible, given the current US foreign policy. Bottom line will be that a population-cleansed open-air museum will be presented, similar to the Potemkin villages of tsar Catherine's II. age. Mr Bush, however, is not unaccustomed to that: he experienced another Katrina and knows about media-efficient presentations ...

Why the meeting is concerning

If it was only a befriended president or a foreign politician, the meeting would be of little interest. Former US-president W F Clinton being guest at the final of the football world championships, has not been a headline, anyway.

Heightened vigilance concerning this meeting is compulsory, since it is the German chancellor meeting a man who authorises hostage-taking and lets do so, even in regard to Germans. As the provisional report of D Marty, Swiss member of the European Council, shows, the ongoings are neither unintentional nor committed by individual mistakes. By all means, we are confronted with a cunningly planned system of taking hostages, arresting them, treating them in a humiliating manner or even exposing them to torture without ever accusing them of a stipulated crime or filing a case.


Allthesame, this procedure is in no way new, it has been applied in the Socialdemocrat-led government tenure, already. Then minister of the chancellery, now turned foreign minister F Steinmeier, and in his first position highest superior of German spies, did not and does not know of anything connected to that. – Apparently, this is usual professional not-knowing in such circles. In case, evidence is found, objects like hard-disks disappear in police-stations and car accidents happen ...

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