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(Iraq - still; 03-02; p.4)

That available low-cost raw materials are essential for any industrial nation does not need further explanation. That any US government prefers the Gulf to be an "American lake" (Huntington, S.: The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order, paperback ed., London 1998, p. 252) rather than a Saddam-Sea need not be discussed either. For the time being, the Bush administration pursues a double-track approach: it will be pleased by the now contracted Baku-Ceyhan pipeline as well as it tries diminishing Husseins influence on other Arabian states.
That such policies are welcomed by the oil-manufacturing and energy companies is obvious and surely grants some administration employees open doors after their political careers.

At least for Iraq's neighbours the security issue is the relevant one: if the regime could in breach of international obligations dispose of weapons of mass destruction and missiles with a range of more than a thousand kilometres, the regional military balance would have been disturbed enormously. - To find out about this is the mission of weapons inspectors legitimised by the UN; their hindrance would render any fairness in dealing with Iraq obsolete. As the sole state on earth which can project power simultaneously in the eastern Mediterranean region and the Persian Gulf, the United States would be - and only under such circumstances - called into action.

Whether one can draw a line from the world order tendencies shown to the current Iraq-policy of the Bush administration has to be judged by professional information retrievers - that it suits US interests is tautological. But the American political scientist Huntington shall be quoted once again:
"The problem for Islam is not the CIA or the U.S. Department of Defense. It is the West, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the universality of their culture and believe that their superior, if declining, power imposes on them the obligation to extend that culture throughout the world." (ibid., p. 217f.)

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