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(Work and family; 01-02; p.5)

The CDU wants to increase tax allowances on the one hand, but also to establish tax-free and income-independent subsidies, called "family money". Parents thereby shall have between 600 Euro for young children and 150 Euro for grown-ups at their monthly disposal.
The GRÜNE are in favour of tax allowances and taking over costs by the state. In addition, a basic child subsidy shall be established for children endangered by poverty. Monthly disposable incomes shall rise by this up to 100 Euro and if needed, a subsidy shall be paid.
The FDP likes to establish a citizen based tax allowance of 625 Euro a month, thus giving children a tax allowance, too. Child benefit shall be accommodated to a similar level.
The PDS wants to give tax allowances, but also to establish a subsidy for children which is age-graded. Children endangered by poverty shall become 420 Euro a month, all others 210 Euro.
All parties want to increase supply of child care while also guaranteeing the quality of the offered services. In this regard, the SPD explicitly wants to avoid "working-poor"-phenomena; the FDP suggests to establish vouchers for child care, so that parents may choose the services that they prefer.
All parties as well want to improve the possibilities to co-ordinate work and family life. The SPD and the CDU want that to be considered in negotiations on working hours and conditions, the GRÜNE by increasing child care services. The FDP wants to drop juridical limits of working hours and conditions, the PDS to invoke times of child upbringing into the debate about working hours.

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