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(Germany in autumn; 04-02; p.3)

Whether the German conservatives will succeed in developing a concept in contrast to "new-centric socialdemocratism" or not remains open; it might instead occur a full-fledged Machiavellianism modelled after the machinations of the Hessian minister-president - and Christian Democrat - Roland Koch.

The German Liberals (FDP) now have there own donations scandal as it seems - so, apart from the Greens and the Democratic Socialists every party represented in the Bundestag has been charged with illegal practices.
The one, apparently responsible for the recent Liberal's calamities, MP Jürgen Möllemann, obviously faces the end of his political career and reacts shocked. The party's treasurer, Günter Rexrodt, earnestly tries to clarify obscure ongoings - as may be judged from outside. It is striking however that the party's chairman, Guido Westerwelle, up to now has been very reluctant to comment on those issues in public. - One may argue, he remembers some stoic wisdom and for the moment prefers having fun, if at all, out of the public eye.
Interesting and perhaps a hint on further developments in the FDP is the fact that a senior member left the party: Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, having been a member since 1948, announced already before the elections that she was going to leave the Liberals. And not because she wanted to retire, but since she could no longer identify with such a party (cf. letter from Hildegard Hamm-Brücher to Guido Westerwelle of 22/09/02 [in German]; cited after N-TV of 24/09/02,).

Last ones in the row are the Democratic Socialists (PDS). After their harsh defeat in the elections - they merely have two directly elected MPs now - the party held as usual a conference with lots of motions and found a new term for known ways of acting: "gestaltende Opposition" [translated: "originative opposition"]. - Obviously, party officials this way coat their political concept which consists of co-governing on the regional - "Länder"- level, jeering in the Bundestag, lots of discussions among party members and some looking for voters.
The PDS therefore reminds more of a self-help group of people that feel at unease in Germany than of a political party.

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