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New York

On 24 September chancellor Schröder spoke to the general assembly of the United Nations.
Differing from the security council, in the general assembly every member state has the right to vote. In contrast to security council resolutions, resolutions agreed on by the general assembly do not have any binding effect; they do however represent the opinions of the UN's more than 180 sovereign member states.

While the UN's secretary-general K Annan and the French president J Chirac condemned the action of occupying Iraq without the security council's approval - and thus foreclosed let that becoming a bad habit - Mr Bush as well as the British foreign minister J Straw did not retreat from their positions.
Chancellor Schröder did not mention Iraq, but stressed that it is the wish of the German government to support long-term peace-securing in Afghanistan. (All speeches can be accessed on the respective internet pages of the UN.)


The world in a perspective

What lessons could be learned from these three places of world politics? - At first the excuse characteristic of the think-lazy that everything is so bloody complex, then the expressionist attitude of disparate synchronicity and eventually the romantic sigh about lost harmony.
Against those remains to realise that especially foreign policy is about power positions - which already Aristotle knew over 2000 years ago when he defined friendship between states -, but that means have been established to solve conflicts of interests in a for the most part peaceful way, e.g. the institutions of the United Nations or the World Trade Organisation.

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