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(No choice; 01-03; p.4)

Perhaps this way the "tiredness" with politicians and parties which by now can be assumed as being a constant phenomenon in Germany may be overcome, too. Imagine, the so called "Sunday's question" was no longer: "Which party do you think of as being most competent in the area of ...?", but: "Which candidate of your district do you think of being the most competent in the area of ...?".
- As has been stated, parties shall not become meaningless; they are needed e.g. to make possible a functional division of labour: it is impossible for any MP to master all the topics which he has to decide upon. The renewed Sunday's question therefore may be amended by: "Does the opinion of the candidate converge with the one of a party and if so, which party?".

Thus, re-engineering of the election system towards relative majority votes in the respective election districts will be a better means to avoid losses of efficiency because of "buddy-economy" and proportional representation (of organised groups mainly) as well as decisions according to party lines. Better at least than e.g. reductions in parliamentary seats or even of whole Länder - recently, the Bundesrat has come under suspicion once more for his latest decisions.
Moreover, such an election system would be closer to the ideal of democratic representation and would not create a greater distance to it as the measures just mentioned would do.

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