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(Sabre-rattling; 02-02; p.3)

Firstly, they have been defined as "rogue states, then as "states of concern", a more recent phrase is "axis of evil". Not argueing about the associations conjured up with these terms and not about the self-presentation connected to them, it becomes interesting what criteria are used to establish the classification. They are seemingly arbitrary and can be arranged to respective political interests.

In contrast to that the term "crazy state" is more narrowly defined: a state becomes incalculable because of internal fighting, its power structures or the personalities of people in power; thus, the international community cannot (or can no longer) think of the state's behaviour as determinable and open to rational analysis. A state this way can become a threat to international security or peace. - A striking example for this has been Afghanistan under Taliban rule: the international community could no longer be sure of the fact that there would be no threats coming from its territory.
Iraq for the time being is no such crazy state: the Hussein-clan rules undisputed if one disregards the Kurdish areas in northern Iraq, there are clear institutional power arrangements, and Saddam Hussein did try to extend his power in the region but not for the prize of risking his overthrow - thus acting in a rational way.


New threats?

Whether nuclear warheads, bacteria or poisons for war purposes are being developed in Iraq is the crucial question for the international community.(read on here)

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