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(Work and family; 01-02; p.4)

Real wages and profits are - at least for the time being - only under indirect influence of politicians. They can impose taxes on profits, but they are restricted by the autonomy of employers and employees to negotiate wages. This considering, only tax politics could be presented here which parties think of having an effect on the labour market. Since this is not an evident supposition, I will do without. Nonetheless it is worth mentioning that the FDP wants to restrict agreements on wages to the sub-state level.

Topic "family"

Family politics may be seen in budgets that parents have to spend and on the available services for children that the state offers or furthers:
• Since the German unification child benefit has been increased twice, in 1996 and 1999. Both measures increased the disposable income of parents.
• The relative high level of child-care in the GDR has not been reached so far in unified Germany.
Seeing these conditions, politicians now discuss improvements and state how the necessities of working and family life might be arranged better (cf. for the following: Frankfurter Rundschau no. 163, D-edition, p.7. 17. July 2002.).
The SPD wants to increase disposable income by increasing child benefits up to the level of tax allowances for top-earners. Parents shall have a budget increase of up to 200 Euro a month this way.
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